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About - Nicola Napoli


Photo by Manuel Moncayo




Nicola Napoli is a digital artist and designer currently based in Berlin, Germany.

His illustrations are known for their bold playful language and expressive palette of colours. His work often includes imagery of the human body and addresses issues related to the lgbtqia community and gender equality.

His work spaces among many design fields counting among others clients such as Absolut Vodka, Native Instruments, Berghain, VICE Magazine, the party series Buttons and the record label Klassified.

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Things NN does


User Interface Design (UI)

User Experience Design (UX)


Art Direction


Branding & Identity

Exhibition / Spacial Design


People NN worked with

Absolut Vodka

VICE Magazine

Berghain – Panorama Bar



Meyer+Harre Interiors

Luxid Media


Buttons Berlin

Klassified Music

Easy Luggage

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