I collaborated with Absolut Vodka curating the creative direction and execution of the ‘Absolut Art Bar’ party in Berlin. For this project I developed the main concept of the event and designed all the deliveries for the space customisation.

Through the Art Bar concept the vodka brand offers artists and designers a creative platform. This site-specific installation, titled Berlinferno, focuses with irony on the worries and fears that Berliners have been in the past years about the changes of their city: hipsters, party monsters, tourists and bio-mums are here depicted as vampires, aliens and mythological creatures ready to invade Berlin.

The main artwork was printed on a large-scale canvas of 3.50×9.00 meters and displayed in the event space, an old industrial building located in the heart of Berlin-Kreuzberg. Neon lights, wall projections, photo booths and even a customised cocktail contributed to create the perfect mood for the event.

The operation was definitely successful: 550 guests in one night!


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