Art Direction, Illustration

Buttons Berlin

Creative direction, Illustration Nicola Napoli
Animation Roy Sturdy, Alvaro Caminero

Artwork, design and creative direction for the promotional videos of Berlin’s party “Buttons”.

The party

Buttons, a Berlin-based queer collective, has been organizing music events regularly since 2016. Over the years, the collective has become a recognized presence in the diverse nightlife scene of the city: their themed parties stretch between one and two days, and they feature a roster of DJs adeptly spinning house, techno and everything in between. I had the opportunity to create the promotional campaigns of the party on various occasions between 2016 and 2019.

The concept

The collective is widely acknowledged for hosting inclusive and diverse events, where freedom of expression and a touch of irony are the key-words. When I joined the team, my aim was to ensure that these core values permeated the event communication. Moreover, I worked to maintain consistency across individual campaigns, creating a cohesive visual and aesthetic experience.

The video series

For the promotional videos, I teamed up with motion designers Roy Sturdy and Alvaro Caminero to create short animated movies; the idea was to blend recognizable visuals reminiscent of classic Disney movies such as “Dumbo”, “Fantasia” and “The Jungle Book” with the irreverent and provoking atmosphere of the party. Each promotional video was designed in alignment with the forthcoming party theme.

We opted for a traditional puppet animation approach. I contributed to the project by developing the video concept, creating storyboards, and designing both the puppets and backgrounds featured in the videos. Additionally, I designed each event flyer consistently with its video. Once the visual assets were finalized, the animators integrated them into the final production.