Branding, UX/UI


Creative Direction Manuel Astorga
UX/UI Design Nicola Napoli, Naiara Odriozola

Re-branding, website re-design and implementation for the booking platform “myhotelo”.

Myhotelo, a dedicated hotel booking company, needed a new branding and a complete re-design of their outdated website to establish a modern and intelligent hotel booking platform. A user-centric approach and a keen eye for design proved to be an ideal match when partnering with myhotelo. As is often the case, time was our primary challenge. To expedite the project, we initiated user research and brand design simultaneously. The approval process for wireframes and prototypes coincided with that of the logo and the establishment of the design system. After thorough research, we introduced a range of intelligent features and services to elevate the user experience.


Re-branding phase

Following a comprehensive brand workshop, we reached a consensus on our brand promise and statement for myhotelo: we promise simplicity and transparency, offering users genuine information and the most competitive prices and solutions tailored precisely to their requirements. Our aim is to help our clients establish a trustworthy and emotional connection with their users, similar to the ideal travel companion.
Our logo embodies the seamless merging of the letter “m” and the iconic ‘do not disturb’ sign, creating a visual representation that resonates with the feeling of leaving all stress at the hotel room door and embracing the pure relaxation of a holiday getaway.

New features and usability implementation

In addition to enhancing the user experience of the current website, we diligently focused on introducing innovative elements. These included the development of an enticing upsell offer page and the creation of a tailor-made flight search functionality.

Dynamic card listing

Search filter implementation

Rating overview

New upsell feature

New flight search feature