Art Direction, Illustration

Adobe x Pride

Creative Direction Daniel Vargas Diaz
Production Camille Lafourcade
Illustration Nicola Napoli
AR & 3D Nadine Kolodziey

Digital artwork and AR filter to celebrate the Pride month. For Adobe Deutschland.

The project

Adobe commissioned me and MR artist Nadine Kolodziey for a large-scale artwork featured on the company’s truck in the Pride parades of Hamburg and Cologne. The artwork, delivered in multiple variations, includes the motto of each specific city parade. Collaborating with Nadine, we also created an engaging AR filter incorporating the elements of the main illustration. The project celebrates diversity and creativity, contributing to the vibrant atmosphere of the Pride events.

AR filter

The COLOURSPARADE effect is an engaging AR filter accessible through Adobe Deutschland’s Instagram account. This immersive filter incorporates a dual-sided experience for both front and rear cameras, showcasing a blend of flat and 3D elements derived from the original artwork.
To unlock this vibrant experience, users simply need to scan the QR code prominently displayed on the truck. Once scanned, they are transported into a lively world adorned with glossy balloons, flamboyant flamingos, and happy dancing figures. It’s a captivating journey into a colourful realm that adds a touch of magic to the Pride experience.