Branding, UX/UI


Art Direction, UX/UI Design Nicola Napoli
Development Hugo Matilla

Branding, website design and illustration for a local storage service in Salerno, Italy.

The client

Easy Luggage is the first automated luggage storage service in Salerno. I was tasked with creating the brand identity for the company from the ground up, overseeing its presence on social media, shaping the interior design of the physical stores, and developing their brand-new website.

I built a solid branding strategy that not only inspires trust in the city tourists, but also captivates their interest through its simplicity. The vibrant and distinctive colour palette ensures immediate recognition, while the logo itself takes the form of a welcoming, smiling sweetcase (no pun intended), inviting visitors into the company stores.

The website

The new responsive website was built as a single-page layout including all essential information, such as store addresses and locker operating instructions. The integration of illustrations and infographics enhances the user experience, simplifying the comprehension of the services.

Visual identity

The design guidelines were applied to the interior design of the stores, advertising material and social media, thereby assuring cohesive and unified brand identity.