Branding, UX/UI


Art Direction Karl Kolbitz
UX/UI Design Nicola Napoli, Nicoletta Dalfino

Website redesign and implementation for lighting design brand GRAU.


The company

Tobias Grau has been aiming to reach the highest quality in the lighting industry for over 30 years. Thanks to the LED technology and its technical developments the company had the opportunity to create a new and innovative collection for residential, office and architectural lighting.

New branding and website design

For the website’s updated appearance, we chose a sleek and intuitively designed layout. Each element of the interface was carefully crafted to maintain a sense of minimalism and essential functionality, while also staying true to the underlying philosophy of Tobias Grau’s lighting products.

Creative direction and photo treatment

The image treatment employed on the new website was crafted to convey a ‘calm’ and understated design, harmoniously aligning with the company’s approach and with the updated visual guidelines.