Branding, UX/UI


Creative Direction, UX/UI Design Nicola Napoli


SmileBack is a customer satisfaction app designed to enhance communication between companies and their customers. I was tasked with revamping the company’s previous corporate identity, creating a new marketing website, developing fresh marketing materials, and implementing the UX/UI for the product..

The rebranding

To facilitate a seamless transition from the previous branding to the new one, we decided to retain certain elements from the existing design such as the two primary colours and the original typography. Based on the two brand accent colours, orange and blue, we developed a new colour palette introducing extra colour tones and a scale of greys.

Additionally, we introduced a variety of illustrations to the new website to create a more inviting and approachable user experience.

The new marketing website

The new marketing website needed to reflect the fresh approach of the new branding, and at the same give an overview of the product’s features and functionalities. The website content included dedicated sections for the four automated platforms integrated with the app.

Product implementation

In addition to the new branding and the marketing website, I made significant contributions to improving the company’s product by incorporating new features. These enhancements included the creation of a new campaign, a new customer response section, and the analysis of key metrics based on the use of filters.